Nongovernmental organization LGBT Forum Progress received a request for legal aid and protection by its member of many years, regarding the case which lasted between September 2017 and January 2018. According to the young man, in the mentioned period he has faced continuous illegal imprisonment, sexual abuse, starvation and everyday death threats and abuse.

According to the young man, the case begins in September 2017, when the first contact happened with certain E.G. from Kosovo, via the social network „Facebook“. After the initial, pleasant communication, the young man agrees to have a date with E.G. in Podgorica. After they got acquainted and spent some time together, E.G. proposed to the young man to go to a field trip to Pec/Peja, Kosovo, in order to spend some more time together, and to get to know each other even better. After they took the trip, the situation took an almost unbelievable turn.

Namely, according to the young man, on the very road to Pec/Peja, E.G. physically assaulted him, forcing him to ingest pills of unknown content and origin. The young man lost his consciousness shortly after, and woke up the next day in an apartment in Pec/Peja, unknown to him. In this period, the perpetrator E.G. reveals+ed to him that the young man is in his imprisonment, and that he will have to do whatever is asked of him, under death threats. The young man was then transported to Djakovica/Gjakova, to a rented apartment, in which he was imprisoned and was forced to remain within the period of almost five months. During this period, E.G. regularly visited his victim, while physically and sexually abusing him, inflicting injuries with a knife in the chest and stomach area, all while starving him and denying his freedom of movement. According to the young man, E.G. also owned a gun, with which he threatened him, and he has also threatened him that he will drown him in a nearby river. The young man, aware of the severity of the situation, as well as the severity and the potential realization of the threats was forced to oblige, due to the fear of losing his own life.

In January 2018, as stated by the young man, according to the report made by the neighbors of the rented apartment, the Kosovo police force broke into the apartment and takes the young man to the police station in order to take a written report on the whole situation. However, the situation takes another, unbelievable twist, due to the fact that, as stated by the young man, once the police officers were in the process of taking the statement, when they realized that he was a member of the LGBTI community, they also have physically assaulted him. Four police officers inflicted physical trauma to the young man, while laughing, and have declined to register the report and consider the case itself. They have beaten the young mane by using open and closed (clenched) fists, and he received blows in the area of the head, abdomen and chest area.

After he left the police station, the young man used the opportunity to flee, and to return to Montenegro, where he asked the help of the nongovernmental organization LGBT Forum Progress. Legal and psycho-social aid were provided immediately and quality-based and thorough communication was established with the Montenegrin Police Directorate, through the contact police officer for the communication with the LGBTIQ community.

The President of LGBT Forum Progress, Bojana Jokic, stated: ”As one of the most severe and most demanding cases ever dealt by LGBT Forum Progress, the case has several elements and parts. The first, most obvious one, is the case of several combined criminal deeds, applicable both in Montenegro and Kosovo, which represent a serious breach of numerous internationally recognized documents such as the European Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as the Convention on the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. It is an unbelievable fact that today, in the 21st century, we are facing obvious and serious examples of slavery. The second, equally important aspect of the case is an enormous problem of institutional homophobia, which is given on an example of the Kosovo police officers, which refused to protect the young man, and have additionally degraded him, and physically abused him due to his ethnic background and the fact that he is a member of the LGBTIQ community”.

LGBT Forum Progress is satisfied with the communication established with the Montenegrin Police directorate, which shared with us the fact that the case is being taken seriously, and that the communication with the Interpol has already been established, as well as they are working towards the resolution of the case and capturing of the perpetrator. LGBT Forum Progress will continue providing legal and psycho-social support to the young man, and will timely notify the Montenegrin public on the results of the police actions in this case.

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