About us

LGBT Forum Progress is the first and oldest non-profit organization that gathers LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer) people in Montenegro and stands for respect and protection of their human rights and equality in society.

Vision: Montenegro as a democratic society with accepted, visible and protected LGBTIQ community

Mission of  LGBT Forum Progress is creating safe, inclusive, and stimulative surrounding for all LGBTIQ persons, through providing education possibilities, building community, public advocacy, political participation, and increasing access to different kind of services that improve quality of life and health.


  • Gathering LGBTIQ community and public advocacy of their human rights and interests;
  • Improving support and solidarity among LGBTIQ persons;
  • Strengthening overall capacities of LGBTIQ persons and their position in society, economy, labor market, sport and education;
  • Protection, improving and monitoring human rights of LGBTIQ persons;
  • Promoting the politics of social cohesion, equal opportunities and possibilities and anti-discriminatory approaches;
  • Monitoring of work of judicial and police from in terms of LGBTIQ phenomenon;
  • Monitoring and improving of the quality of education at all levels in terms of LGBTIQ phenomenon;
  • Support for Ombudsman office in the work and monitoring;
  • Support, improvement and monitoring of public health policies and approaches towards gender and sexual minorities;
  • Increasing the scope of rights in the domain of health and social care and insurance of LGBTIQ people, especially towards transgender people;
  • Monitoring and contribution to the quality of legislation and anti-discrimination policy;
  • Continual improvement of legal status and personality of LGBTIQ people;
  • Engaging in the realization of basic human, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of LGBTIQ people;
  • Promoting the national Queer culture and LGBTIQ subculture;
  • Impacting the creation of proper attitudes in society in relation to human rights of LGBTIQ people;
  • Provision of legal aid and psychosocial assistance to LGBTIQ people;
  • Sensitization, information and education of professionals, institutions and the public on human rights of LGBTIQ people;
  • Cooperation with local, national and international LGBTIQ organizations, and other human rights organizations.


  • Organizing counseling and other forms of legal, psycho-social and educational support to LGBTIQ people;
  • Organizing various membership meetings, trips, excursions, study visits and exchanges;
  • Organizing sports and humanitarian activities;
  • Organizing and participating in various volunteer activities at home and abroad;
  • Issuing of different print and electronic, audio and video publications, and cooperation with the media;
  • Organizing conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, presentations and lectures on human rights of LGBTIQ people and appropriate education and training;
  • Launch of specific training modules on human rights of LGBTIQ  people;
  • Preparing, writing and presentation of reports on human rights of LGBTIQ people in the country;
  • Monitoring the quality of education, curricula and content textbooks in schools;
  • Organization of education and training of teachers in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools in general;
  • Monitor and improve the presents of the LGBTIQ phenomenon at the university and the academic community;
  • An organization of education and vocational training for working with LGBTIQ police workers/officers, judges at all levels, the State prosecutors’ turn to other police workers/officers in state institutions;
  • Initiating and monitoring legislative initiatives relevant to the rights of LGBTIQ people;
  • Organization and projection of film festivals, literary events and manifestations, exhibitions, plays, fairs, various concerts;
  • Organizing the Pride Parade, marking Human Rights Day and other festivals and public events and manifestations;
  • Scholarships for LGBTIQ persons and persons assisting development organizations;
  • Cooperation and coordination with other organizations at home and abroad;
  • Initiation, monitoring and implementation of various campaigns;
  • Various other activities in accordance with Law and Statute, which contribute to overall improvement of LGBTIQ population in Montenegro.

Bodies of LGBT Forum Progress are General Assembly, Governing Board, Executive Director and the Advisory Committee.

LGBT Forum Progress can connect and be a member in alliances or other appropriate associations in the country and abroad.

For now special cooperation and the full membership LGBT Forum has with ILGA World, ILGA-Europe, TransGender Europe, IGLYO, Regional Network Aganist Homophobia and Transfobia, BABELNOR and other respected organizations and networks.


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