Translation of letter from minister Dinosha to LGBT Forum Progress on 30.03.2011. about Pride ParadeOriginalni (Scan) ODGOVOR MINISTRA DINOSHE upućen LGBT Forumu Progres dana 30.03.2011. godine

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Regarding your letter from 22.03.2011. in which you notifying me that LGBT Forum Progress created Initiative board for Pride Parade 2011. in Podgorica and offering me to be appointment for a president of the Organizational Committee of the mentioned Parade, I want to thank you for your  offer and with this I want to tell you that I cannot accept this,  for at least two reasons:

First, I think that there are more useful projects towards improvements of rights and positions of LGBT persons than organizing Parade (recently we saw events in Belgrade of such accession), and

Second, in direction of these useful projects, I am very busy with obligation towards Action plan for realization of recommendations from European Commission, in which most part of it is dedicated on LGBT rights, for that reason I will not have time for additional engagement.

However, if you think that Parade is useful form to care about LGBT rights, and as I am informed from media, that this Parade would be for all human rights, some sort of event for human rights, an all vulnerable groups will be included, this fact opens space for engagement of representative of Ministry for Human and Minority Rights in Organizational Committee, and regarding to this I am informing you that in that work my assistant Mrs Blanka Radosevic – Marovic can join you, who by the way, in Ministry follows problematic of human, and also for LGBT rights, and who can give valuable contribution improving these right in Montenegro, which is, I hope, our common aim towards European and Euro-Atlantic  integration of our State.

With respect


Ferhat Dinosha


Ispod mozete pogledati ministrovu izjavu za RTV Vijesti 28.03.2011. godine.

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