MNE rainbowIn expectation of the forthcoming presidential elections in Montenegro, non-governmental organisations LGBT Forum Progres and LGBTIQ Social Center today sent-out a questionnaire to all individuals who submitted their candidacy for the President of Montenegro. This questionnaire is a part of the research conducted by these non-governmental organizations in order to gather information which is of importance for all LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro regarding opinions, views and views of presidential candidates about the LGBTIQ community in Montenegro.

The questionnaire was sent electronically to the following candidates: (in alphabetical order)

  1. Bojanic Mladen,
  2. Dedeic Dobrilo,
  3. Djukanovic Milo,
  4. Kalac Hazbija,
  5. Milacic Marko,
  6. Milickovic Vasilije, and
  7. Vuksanovic Draginja.

Together with the questionnaire, candidates received detailed instructions for completing it, as well as an objective deadline of 7 (seven) days (ending on 04/04/2018) to submit their answers. After the expiration of this deadline, all received responses will be analysed and statistically processed, and made into a detailed report which will then be shared with the Montenegrin and international public. The report will contain the individual responses of all candidates, as well as a statistical overview of the processed material.

All candidates who do not deliver their answers within the stated deadline or refuse to answer will, in the Report, next to their name have the “Refused to Participate” tag, explaining that the candidate did not want to cooperate. Additional information on the activities of candidates regarding this questionnaire will be timely shared with the Montenegrin public.

We have to point out that all LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro, who have the right to vote, are potential voters of any of the presidential candidates and it is of the utmost importance that the LGBTIQ community is appropriately accepted and that all our problems are found on the candidate’s agenda, in order to find common and sustainable solutions. Having this in mind, we hope for the full response of all candidates who, by completing this questionnaire, will truly show their political and civic maturity and responsibility.

Also, we are aware of the fact that some candidates do not have the LGBTIQ community as the focus of their political programmes, or they may not look kindly on the problems and needs of LGBTIQ people in Montenegro, but precisely for overcoming this gap, we invite them to express their opinions and comments precisely through filling this questionnaire.

Finally, on this occasion, we announce that, in addition to presidential elections, LGBT Forum Progress and LGBTIQ Social Center will conduct research among all the electoral lists that will be formed and submitted for local elections in Podgorica, also regarding the LGBTIQ community. Both of these activities are implemented with the support of ILGA-Europe.

LGBT Forum Progress and LGBTIQ Social Centre

You can find the questionnaire, in Montenegrin, HERE.

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