NGO LGBT Forum Progress has, as a part of a pilot project started in January 2017, published the Annual report regarding the situation of Human Rights of LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro during 2016. Under this Report, a total of 10 topics has been covered, that have been identified as key ones throughout the work of Progress. They are:

  1. Strategy for Improving Quality of Life of LGBT Persons in Montenegro (2013 – 2018)
  2. Cases of physical and psychological violence, violence committed out of hatred and hate speech
  3. The case of “Niksic Pride”
  4. Student Parliament of the University of Montenegro
  5. SOGI Center (LGBTIQ Social and Community Center)
  6. Montenegro Pride
  7. The occurrence of sex workers; STIs and STDs
  8. Discrimination, intolerance, and violence within the LGBTIQ community itself
  9. Institutional blockage
  10. Social climate

LGBT Forum ProgressThis report has been composed based on internally gathered and processed data, that have been compared to relevant national and international sources; as well as based on the scope and reach of day-to-day activities of LGBT Forum Progress in 2016.

Despite some objective steps forward have been made in 2016 in the area of the respect of human rights of LGBTIQ persons and their social acceptance, we are overall not content with the achieved progress. It is the very purpose of this report to point out all of the shortcomings and omissions, as well as to point out the potential ways of solving some of the problems.

As this is a pilot project, we will appreciate the inputs of all relevant institutions, NGOs and CSOs, media, and individuals, in order to make each next annual report as objective, good in quality, and comprehensive as possible.

The complete report can be found on the following link:

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