Interview for “Pobjeda” with the President of the Steering Committee of LGBT Forum Progress – Bojana Jokic

  1. A few days ago, you have been elected as the President of the Steering Committee of LGBT Forum Progress, what is the first step you will make?


For the last three years, I have been active within the LGBT community. I will be lead by that experience and the by the needs of the community. It is firstly important to consolidate and to form the creative team which will lead LGBT Forum Progress. New persons are now present in the organization, and therefore we will need time to adapt in order to continue with the previous good initiatives but also to distance ourselves from certain negative and unproductive practices. This is the fifth Steering committee and the third management within the six years of the active work of the organization. This fact speaks about the existence of firm connections with the community and the democratic and HR capacities of the organization. It will be challenging but I do believe in good intentions and success.


2.  What are the key plans for the future period of time?


It is most important to consolidate and to continue developing our traditional programs which are developed to the protection against discrimination, legal representation and the social protection of LGBT persons. Of course, we are working on several new things, but, I will not comment upon those yet, due to the overall professional approach. As soon as certain possibilities and circumstances become real I will proudly publish them and notify the public. It is important to establish good communication with the Government of Montenegro. This matter, especially in this year, has remained completely open. We believe it is not in the interest of the President of the Government to ignore the existence and the actions of the oldest LGBT group, and to allow that personal animosity of his colleague should be the deciding criteria. LGBT initiatives of the Government of Montenegro should be returned to Montenegro, since most of the activities are being conducted outside of the borders of our country and are being applauded to in various European capitals. This can be good, but it can also be perceived as acting. The practice against which the civil society reacted in 2011 repeats itself. But, we believe that there is the will and the readiness to lead this process responsibly and to respect the LGBT community.


3. How do you view the position of the LGBT community in Montenegro in a few years? Do you believe that intolerance towards gay people in Montenegro is diminishing ?


Serious changes are definitely happening in Montenegro. All LGBT organizations are extremely active and are dedicated to the improving of the position of this group. I would say all of this is mostly due to the LGBT, but also other organizations which support human rights of LGBT persons. The Government and the local authorities could have and need to do much more. Legal protection of the LGBT community is has had a progress. Your readers will notice that the safety is important for every citizen. There is no normal life if the fear exists. In the past year, the work of the State prosecution has been significantly improved. There was a drastic increase in the number of the indictments and confirmed charges against numerous individuals. Every day brings more confirmed verdicts and all of this helps on the long run to the to the general public to understand the conditions in which the LGBT community lives and works and it helps building supporting civic and humane relationship towards the community.There are still a lot of LGBT persons who seek their future outside the borders of this country. We understand the economic reasons of other citizens but LGBT persons exclusively leave because of the inability to live a safe and accepted manner. According to our data and we are not the only source, only since September last year, 27 gays and lesbians have left Montenegro. Of these there are six, mainly lesbian couples. . Many of them are highly educated people, skilled people who are needed  in the Montenegrin medicine, science, economy. Government, municipalities, social partners, should help LGBT persons to become accepted in the family, the neighborhood, at work, in the street. The social life of LGBT people is full of challenges, fear, and not quality. For that we have to work all together.

4. As far as I know, for the first time, a woman and a mother is the leader of the organization which deals with the rights of LGBT persons. Any comments ?


We are constantly changing and  historical things for the integrity of Montenegro as a civil society are happening. I am the third woman in a row, which is at the forefront of the Steering Committee of this organization. Before me there were women successful in diplomacy and sports. I have successfully studied German language and tourism. Positive changes are happening every day. For example a first gay cafe was active, which was unthinkable for traditionalist Montenegro and it close a religious temple. The LGBT shelter, because violence of an ex-husband hosted families with same-sex partners – lesbians. The final verdict due to this kind of violence was finalized, which is a new thing for the Montenegrin judiciary, which needs praising and support. Recently, the work of the first lesbian, group has started as a part of Queer Montenegro. These are all fantastic and important things to emphasize the role of women and confirm that the Montenegrin society is moving and changing. To be all that we are happy and encouraged.


5. Did you have a dilemma when you accepted the function of the Steering Committee President of  LGBT Forum Progress? What was the reaction of your family, do you think they will have any problems ?

LGBT Forum Progress is an organization whose mission is to establish a safe society where LGBT people are accepted. In recent years I have been active in the organization but also in civil movements. I like the approach of altruism and solidarity with others in society, and I thought that it was responsible and needed to try to be more visible and fight the future,  safer, life. In the beginning, I think the 2013/14 year, I had some, I would not say resistance, but perhaps, reserved attitudes in my environment regarding my activism. They were afraid for my safety. I think we all kind of used the elapsed time to get used to new facts and to learn about tolerance. The family, especially my wonderful parents and all, but all of my friends friends have remained by my side. They know that the fact that I came forward publicly, due to my identity, does not mean anything in relation to the kind of person am I, of which quality, knowledge, experience and character. So I am same person as the one when I was  born, which they have loved and supported over the years. Healthy, realistic approach asks the question of why would it now change in any way. Anyway I think everybody gained something in the last  decision of LGBT Forum Progress Assembly election. Those who are against the social acceptance of LGBT community can no longer talk about us as persons without families, and that we know nothing about it. Now we can lead, I hope constructive, reasoned and transparent discussion about it. The family is an important social and cultural constructs to which LGBT people also have the right.


7. The former management of Forum Progress announced that during this year, a Pride in Niksic will be organized. Will this be done, do you have any more specific data? What about Podgorica, will it and when will the Pride Parade in the capital, be held ?


We are working on the organizing of the Pride in Niksic. We are conducting serious conversations with everyone about it. The only resistance to talk about this lies within the Government of Montenegro.  I see no reason why anyone in the Government should hate me? I use this, the first public, opportunity to invite the Secretary General of the Government and Head of the Office of the Prime Minister to not be the victims of manipulation by a single individual. Before the Pride in Niksic it is important to end a legal battle to maintain it. You are aware  that the pride has been denied for three times. The process of the Ministry of Interior was also justified by the Administrative Court. The appeal proceedings before the Supreme Court of Montenegro are currently ongoing and for that that we have professional and legal assistance of the NGO “Human Rights Action”. I do not want to be recognized as  someone who affects the independent judicial power, but as a citizen and a declared LGBT activist I expect that Montenegro will confirm its commitment to democratic and free society in practice. The right to freedom of assembly is being denied to the LGBT community only in Montenegro. This should worry the political parties, free media, universities, intellectuals, other NGOs. Pride in Podgorica, which we perceive as the central one , is being organized, traditionally, by other LGBT organizations. We not only respect that but also support this, and will be partners in it. This approach will be continued and deepened.

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Podgorica, 29.08.2016.
At the yesterday held session of the Assembly of NGO LGBT Forum Progres, it was decided on amendments to the Statute and a new leadership of the organization was elected.

For the president of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the organization, Bojana Jokic was elected, who joined the organization in 2014, previously doing multiple tasks in the organization including holding the  position of coordinator of the program for LGBT tourism as well as the position of deputy director of the LGBT Forum Progres. In addition to performing the functions of President of UO, Jokic will be the new face that will represent the organization in the media and before the interested public. BoD is a new collective governing body.

For board members were elected: S.R. (33), S.K. (21), N.A. (32) D.A. (38), B.B. (24).

For the new Executive Director, Administrative Committee unanimously decided on appointing  J.Đ. (22).

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Podgorica, 29.08.2016.godine

Na juče održanoj,  sjednici Skupštine nevladine organizacije LGBT Forum Progres, odlučeno je o izmjenama Statuta i izabrano novo rukovodstvo organizacije.

Za predsjednicu Upravnog odbora (UO) organizacije, izabrana je Bojana Jokić, koja se pridružila organizaciji 2014.godine prethodno obavljajući više poslova u organizaciji uključukući pozicije koordinatorke programa za LGBT turizam kao i poziciju zamjenice direktora LGBT Foruma Progres. Pored obavljanja funkcije predsjednice UO, Jokić će biti i novo lice koje će organizaciju predstavljati u medijima i pred zainteresovanom javnosti. UO je i novi kolektivni organ upravljanja.

Za članove UO su izabrani:  S.R. (33), S.K. (21), N.A. (32), D.A. (38), B.B. (24).

Za novog izvršnog direktora, jednoglasno je Upravni odbor izabrao   J.Đ. (22) .

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Nevladina organizacija (NVO) “LGBT Forum Progres” podnijela je pritužbu direktoru Uprave policije MUP Crne Gore i Etičkom odboru Uprave policije povodom javnog vrijeđanja i omalovažavanja uglednog novinara i građanskog aktiviste Marka Milačića od strane službenika policije izvjesnog Vladimira Medenice.

Vlada Crne Gore usvojila je Strategiju za unapredjenje kvaliteta života LGBT osoba u Crnoj Gori sa namjerom da se poboljša društveno prihvatanje LGBT zajednice, unaprijedi bezbjednost ali i ostvari posebno povjerenje izmedju policije i LGBT zajednice odnosno NVO koje je zastupaju i okupljaju.

Na društvenoj mreži “Facebook” danas se oglasio izvjesni Vladimir Medenica koji je prema navodima nezavisnih medija službenik MUP Crne Gore odnosno Uprave policije.

Potpuno je neprihvatljiv način na koji on ulazi u polemiku i komentariše javni rad uglednog građanskog aktiviste i novinara Marka Milačića. Zar je moguće da i dalje u Upravi policiji rade osobe koje su toliko ispunjene mržnjom i isključivošću i kojima na prvom mjestu nije zaštita ugleda policije i policijske profesije.

Policijski službenik se na ispoljeni način pokazao kao potpuni policijski i profesionalni diletant koji nije svjestan da službenik policije treba da vodi računa o ličnom i ugledu Policije i da uvažava svakog građanina a s poštovanjem i odgovornošću se odnosi prema onima koji iznose ozbiljne i osnovane primjedbe na rad policije.

Istup službenika policije na mreži “Facebook” ustvari govori kako se od strane službenika policije doživljavaju i oslovljavaju LGBT osobe. Medenica nema pravo na bilo koji način da upotrebljava terminologiju koju koristi. Njegov govor mržnje govori da ga ne zanimaju strateški pravci razvoja policije i vladina LGBT politika.

Njegov dalji rad u Upravi policije obesmišljava dalje postojanje i djelovanje Tima povjerenja LGBT zajednice i Uprave policije koji je, shodno odluci Vlade Crne Gore, formirao Ministar unutrašnjih poslova.

NVO “LGBT Forum Progres” pozvao je direktora Uprave policije da se zahvali na daljoj saradnji službeniku policije koji je pokazao, pred cijelom javnošću, da nije dostojan policijskog posla.

Etičkom  odboru Uprave policije podnijeta je inicijativa za ocjenu povrede Kodeksa policijske etike a koordinatoru i sekretaru Tima povjerenja LGBT zajednice i Uprave policije zahtjev da se oglase i distanciraju od postupka kolege i time zaštite dosadašnje rezultate.

Link teksta :

 Bojana Jokić

predsjednica Upravnog odbora

LGBT Forum Progres


Slika pol 1 Slika pol 2

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Obavještava se članstvo nevladine organizacije LGBT Forum Progrees da se na hitan zahtjev Upravnog odbora saziva sjednica Skupštine sa ovim dnevnim redom:

Izbor novog izvršnog direktora LGBT Foruma Progres

Izbor saziva Upravnog odbora

Poziva se članstvo da uzme učešća u radu Skupštine a zainteresovani da blagovremeno dostavljanje kandidatura za direktora/ku organizacije i članove_ice Upravnog odbora.

Skupština će se održati dana 28. avgusta 2016.godine sa početkom u 11 sati.

Ranije zakazani termin, 15. avgust 2015. godine, je pomjeren – po sugestiji članstva i samog Upravnog odbora – zbog sezone odmora i troškova organizaovanja Skupštine s tim u vezi.

Sve informacije u vezi sa sazivom Skupštine mogu se dobiti na telefon 069751304 i putem maila

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Nikšić 16.06.2016.godine

Predstavnici NVO “LGBT Forum Progres” i “Hiperion” prisustvovali su, i pored toga što nisu neposredno pozvani, na panelu posvećenom LGBT pravima na lokalnom nivou koji se danas održao u Nikšiću.
Prije nego je i počeo panel, predstavnik NVO “LGBT Forum Progres”, Stevan Milivojević, je zatražio i dobio riječ. Ponovio je protest i iskazao zabrinutost na koji način Vlada Crne Gore, odnosno resorno Ministarstvo za ljudska i manjinska prava, organizuje javne diskusije o LGBT inkluziji po opštinama. Korektno saopštenje i objašnjenje ne može opravdati propuste ovog državnog organa. LGBT inkluzija nije privatna svojina bilo koje NVO pa ponuđeno objašnjenje državnog organa apsolutno nema smisla
Tribine su sastavni dio Vladine akcione politike, pa samim tim takvi događaji pripadaju svima i trebaju ravnopravnono da uključe sve aktere. Za nas je najmanje važno, ko je partner Vladi u tim aktivnostima. Objašnjenje da se radi o projektu nevladinih organizacija “Queer Montenegro” i “Juventas”, podržanom od strane delegacije Evropske Komisije (EK) i da one odlučuju da li će i na koji način pozivati druge smatramo da je klasičan izgovor. Posebno zbog toga što se radi o zvaničnoj realizaciji sadržaja usvojene Vladine politike.
Tribine se organizuju u opštinama sa kojima je ovaj državni organ uspostavio i potpisao saradnju. Znači, taj memorandum o saradnji nije vlasništvo i privatna svojina bilo koga pa ni NVO “Queer Montenegro” ni “Juventasa” ni “LGBT Foruma Progres”. Ti memorandumi između Vlade i opština potpisani su u ime svih nas.
Zato Ministarstvo za ljudska i manjinska prava nije oslobođeno odgovornosti zbog namjernog i projektovanog isključenja značajnog dijela LGBT zajednice iz ovih aktivnosti. Ako se da se evropski projekti opšteg dobra koriste za marginalizaciju i isključenje drugih, onda u Crnoj Gori imamo ozbiljan problem.
Uvjereni smo da Evropska Komisija (EK) ne podržava projekte da bi se promovisali privatni interesi, animoziteti i mržnja. Želimo da vjerujemo da to nije interes, niti može biti opravdana potreba bilo kojeg društvenog aktera u procesu inkluzije.
Potpuno poštujemo i uvažavamo autonomiju nevladinih organizacija prilikom realizacije važnih i kompleksnih projekata, kao što su oni, koje podržava EK. Ipak, ovdje se radi o opštem dobru, i vjerujemo da je u interesu i implementatora projekta i Vlade, da bez bilo kakvih ograničenja bude uključena na ovakvim događajima, kompletna LGBT zajednica, i sve NVO koje okupljaju ili rade sa LGBT osobama.
Pojašnjenje da je preko mailing liste namjenjene za opšte informisanje crnogorskih NVO poslat poziv za učešće, je presedan i zabrinjavajuće. Tako nam se moglo saopštiti da su organizatori, zajedno sa Vladom, poziv sa prisustvo i učešće postavili na oglasnoj tabli udruženja penzionera u Straševini. Ne bi bilo razlike. Žao nam je što se projektuje naše namjerno isključenje jer znamo da učešće svih doprinosi boljem sagledavanju ukupnog stanja, unapređuje diskusiju o Vladinoj i lokalnoj LGBT politici i doprinosi rezultatima, na koje smo i mi fokusirani a koje je prepoznala, pružajući im podršku i Evropska komisija.
Konačno, današnji događaj je pokazao da je naše aktivno učešće bilo potrebno i korisno. Obezbjeđena je intezivna i kvalitetna diskusija. Da budemo realni, događaj u Nikšiću apsolutno ne bi imao smisla bez učešća naših organizacija, posebno imajući u vidu ukupne aktivnosti koje u poslednjih godinu dana preduzimaju naše NVO u ovom gradu.
Podsjećamo, ovih dana očekuje se konačna odluka Upravnog suda, povodom više uzastopnih zabrana Povorke u Nikšiću.

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Podgorica 13.06.2016.godine
LGBT Forum Progres iskazuje solidarnost sa lokalnom LGBT zajednicom kao i sa porodicama poginulih i povrijeđenih u Orlandu tokom  masovnog ubistva članova LGBT zajednice u gej noćnom klubu “Pulse” u ovom gradu.
Podsjetimo, naoružani muškarac je ušao u pomenuti klub i otvorio vatru na okupljene polaznike kluba, što je rezultiralo najvećim, do sada zabilježenim masovnim ubistvom u američkoj istoriji, sa 50 mrtvih i 53 povrijeđene osobe. Nakon otvaranja vatre, okupljeni posjetioci kluba su određeno vrijeme držani kao taoci, nakon čega je u policijskoj akciji ubijen ubica, kasnije identifikovan kao Omar Mateen. Svoja djela je opravdao kroz činjenicu da je vidio dva muškarca koja se ljube te da mu je to zasmetalo.
LGBT Forum Progres najoštrije osuđuje terorizam, a u svijetlu najnovijih dešavanja postaje jasno da meta terorizma postajemo svi, bez obzira koje smo nacionalnosti, vjeroispovjesti, seksualne orijentacije ili rodnog identiteta.
Vlada Sjedinjenih Američkih Država pod trenutnom administracijom uradila je mnogo na polju LGBT inkluzije kako na nacionalnom tako i na globalnom nivou zauzimajući čvrst stav i donoseći zakonsku legislativu koja garantuje jednakost  poštovanje LGBT osoba.
Ovakvi događaji potvrđuju da sve nacije moraju osnažiti borbu protiv terorizma, vjerskog fanatizma i isključivosti kao i aktivnosti na planu inkluzivnosti prema svim društvenim grupama, čemu LGBT Forum Progres pruža najsnažniju podršku.
U današnjem trenutku apsolutno je neprihvatljivo da bilo ko i bilo gdje trpi nasilje zbog svoje seksualne orijentacije ili rodnog identiteta.
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